“Francia casts her pastorals in a new light. Dominant are fanciful, boldly colored ornamental designs and geometric shapes that press flat against the picture plane creating a symmetrical frame around a naturalistically depicted landscape…. In some of the paintings, the artist transforms mountain vistas into sensual folds of drapery supporting emblem-like objects.”

– Elisa Decker, Reviewer, Art in America, 2009

“The themed and approaches evident in Francia’s earlier work continue to evolve. With direct brushwork she explores the open expanses of the Umbrian landscape as well as the memories and stories of her culture and heritage. Her work reflects her authentic engagement in looking, listening and interpreting diffuse sources and synthesizing them into lyrical expressions in paint.”

– Sharon Vatsky Senior Education Manager, Guggenheim Museum, 2008

“These intimate Magical Realism  pieces, conceived in gem like colors have a surreal almost diaristic quality and if the imagery is enigmatic it is also intensely personal”.

– Sarah Schmerler, Free Lance Critic in NYC, Time Out, NY Times, 2001

“The contrast between the density and age of the architectural enclosures of Venice and a single plaque remarking upon the vanished ghetto life, metaphorically embodies the vacuum which memory is forever tempted to create a response to a trauma.”

– Robert Mahoney, Critic, Flash Art and New Art Examiner, 1995

“It is rare and an enormously affirmative artist who can absorb, transform and reinevent a multitude of enveloping life forces, seemingly without wasting a thing. Francia is one who can and does.”

– Sarah Landsdell, Art Critic, The Louisville Courier, 1995

“Francia’s work is done with a certainty of technique and a soundness of sensitivity to make the paintings give delight to the eyes, stimulation to the intellect and nourishment to the soul.”

– Jim Edgy, Cincinnati Art Museum, Director of Development, 1995